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Friday, September 17, 2010

Chaplet of the Seven Last Words - variation


Alternate Meditations:
1st  Meditation

These words of yours, O Lord, are a two edged sword; they cut both ways. They console me because I know myself as being as guilty as those who nailed you to the cross. Speak these words of forgiveness over me as well. But, at the same time though, these words fill me with dread. I understand that in your example I must pardon those persons who have harmed me - toward whom I nurse a powerful grudge. The imitation of Christ, to which I am pledged, is excruciatingly hard. I count on the strength of your example to serve me, and to be able to say and mean those words, Father forgive them.
2nd Meditation
All I can think of in reading your words, O Lord, is the magnanimous return the good thief receives for his gentle kindness to you. He has spoken the only gracious words to reach your ears on that fateful day when he said that you weren't deserving of this punishment for you had done no evil. But what a massive reward he receives for those few words: heaven in return for a simple act of kindness. I hope that all the words I speak during prayer will bring down a similar avalanche of divine mercy onto me.
3rd Meditation
These desperate sounding words first appear to be a guarantee for the well-being of your mother. It is not; rather it is a gift - the gift of Mary as mother; to care for me, to guide me, to love me and to intercede to you for me. You give me a rare gift indeed, a presence in my life, to make my heart gentle and my world beautiful. There are no limits to your generosity - giving me your mother.
4th Meditation
These words are not words of despair, but words of trust taken from the opening of Psalm 22. Our ancestors trusted in the Father and He delivered them. To Him they cried out and were saved. In your darkest hour you placed your trust in the Father and by doing so, you show me to place my trust in You.
5th Meditation
It is an irony that you who quench the thirst in people searching for truth and divine wisdom should in your darkest hour experience thirst. Considering your loss of blood from the scourging, and the noon day sun as you made your way up to Calvary, your thirst must have been monstrous; but, you endured patiently and lovingly for me.
6th Meditation
At first, these words could seem to be desperate, sad and empty of hope. On second look, they appear to be those of encouragement. It is finished, that is to say, that you have reached you goal, your task is completed. There is a sense of fulfillment and even triumph in what you say. Your task in bringing the good word was completed as was the task of dying for our sins. I hope that in my time, I will be able to say in full honesty... It is finished - my task, complete.
7th Meditation
In these words you give me the formula for achieving peace and strength. You died commending your spirit to the Father. What would make more sense than at any critical moment than to put myself in God's hands? Just as Thomas died commending his spirit to you, I will place my life securely in your hands for safekeeping.

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