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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Under St. Columba's Care Chaplet

Created and submitted for use by Rev. Rwth Ashton
This was written by an anonymous monk who obviously experienced Columba as his spiritual abbot, mentor, and protector. This chaplet concludes with a prayer of similar spirit from The Iona Community.

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On the Cross: 
As long as I lived under Columba's care, I was guarded by the angels of heaven. I could tread the path of fear because I had a leader who gave me courage.
Invitatory Bead:  
It was not on a soft bed that he kept his mighty vigils. It was not for his own sins that is body was crucified on the blue waves. He turned away from his home, he crossed the rough seas where whales have their sanctuary, he cut through the waves that pressed against him, he attacked the mountains of the sea.
Cruciform Bead: 
He fought bitter battles with the world, he armed himself with the wisdom of spiritual masters. When he hoisted his sails and crossed the sea, a kingdom was his reward.
Week Beads: 
1st: Let us give thanks that the wild winds blew Columba to us. Columba-the light of his homeland-there was never before such a noble spirit within a mortal body.
2nd: Those who joined his priestly army are bold and brave, moving across the land as angelic warriors.
3rd: He is their ears when they are deaf, their strength when they are sick, their eyes when they are blind.
4th: I shall always sing of Columba, and ask him to pray for me.
5th: In every danger I shall call of him,
6th: With all my strength I shall praise him.
7th: May our dear Columba, spiritual conqueror of kings, and gracious father to the humblest peasant always protect us and move us with his power.
Exit Cross: 
And now, may Columba kindly guide us to be an isle in the sea, to be a hill on the shore, to be a star in the night, to be a staff for the weak. Amen. (The Iona Community)

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