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Monday, March 21, 2011

Gate of Heaven Chaplet

A powerful meditation and prayer dialogue with Revelations 22:1-20 with responses.  This New Testament book is very prophetic for this new time of grace.
It gives us great hope in our future as Children of the Light.  Regardless of how many years we have left on this earth, and those who are suffering for or walking with those with a terminal illness, praying this chaplet helps us set our hearts toward the New Jerusalem.
Composed by Margot Carter-Blair.

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On the medallion:
Glory Be
Our Father
Hail Mary
v.1-5 of Revelations 22
1st Bead:
Hail Mary
I Believe these are Your words and that they are true and it will happen soon.
2nd Bead:
Hail Mary
Lord help me keep Your message in my hear – to receive Your blessing.
3rd Bead:
Hail Mary
Lord, before Your living Word, I bow.
4th Bead:
Hail Mary
Thank You for angels, who lead us to You and keep Your living Word alive.
5th Bead:
Hail Mary
Give me the grace to keep Your prophetic Words alive.  Remind me, that the appointed time is near.
6th Bead:
Hail Mary
Give me grace to discern good and evil.  To be whole, all You made me to be.
7th Bead:
Hail Mary
My reward is with You, You will repay me as my deeds deserve.
8th Bead:
Hail Mary
I Believe You are the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.
9th Bead:
Hail Mary
Forgive me, Lord, wash my robes clean so I may feed on the tree of life and be welcome to enter the gates of Your city.
10th Bead:
Hail Mary
Teach me how to pray for others, my brothers and sisters in You, while there is still time.
11th Bead:
Hail Mary
I Believe You are the root and offspring of David, the bright morning star.
12th Bead:
Hail Mary
Come Lord Jesus, come.  I am thirsty.  I want to receive Your gift of life-giving water and lead others to You.
Conclude with:
Glory Be
Give me the grace never to add or take away from Your Word.  It is complete as it is.
Come Lord Jesus, come. (3xs)

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